Version 1.4 Changes (21-April-2013)

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Version 1.4 Changelog (21-April-2013)

Clustering support i.e. if there are large number of markers then they would automatically be arranged in clusters.

Much improved performance: The script can load thousands of markers without any performance issue and you can use the API options to connect to your external database. Custom plugins functionality allows you write custom plugins or code. A single markers is composed up of merely 32 bytes so loading 10,000 markers would mean loading only 320 kb of marker data and 50,000 markers would be merely 1.6 mb of data.

Ajax for Map:  The map data is now loaded through ajax. Listing data is loaded on demand and hence makes the entire script much faster and very light.

Admin options to load external data from your own database.

API Released

Admin option to enable/disable GeoIP feature

Admin option to enable/disable debug mode of the email system.

Transparent sidebar.

RTL Mode can be enabled through Config options

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