Updating to Version 1.5

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Update from version 1.4.* to 1.5

1) FTP to your current installation folder and download the existing site.inc.php file to your computer. Keep it in a safe place.

site.inc.php is the file which have information about your database and that file should NOT be changed or overwritten unless you know what you're doing.

2) Unzip the downloaded  'Real estate made simple' zip.

3) Important: Delete the new site.inc.php file in the unzipped folder on your computer. 

4) Move all the files to your hosting space overwriting all old ones except site.inc.php . Please don't delete the old files just overwrite over them. Make sure that

you don't overwrite your old site.inc.php file. Also make sure that you overwrite the old .htaccess with the new one as otherwise friendly URLs may not work.

5) Browse to the update folder. For ex, if the script was installed at http://www.YourSite.com then browse to  http://www.YourSite.com/update/ and follow the instructions mentioned there.

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