Theme & General colors

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The default option for each of the following field is empty which gives your site the default look. But you may change any or all of them at your discretion. The colors of your website would change in real time so you can judge which color combination looks the best.

1) Choose website theme: Choose from 11 Bootstrap web themes. You can also select 'Custom' option and generate your custom bootstrap theme and upload bootstrap.css in css/custom folder but please make sure that it has same bootstrap version as the default bootstrap.css in css folder.

2) Choose site outer background color:  You may set your websites background color by clicking in this field and choosing the color in color chooser.

3) Choose site inner background color: This is the inner body color of the website. Default is set to white.

4) Fixed top header: You can enable this option and the top header would always stay at the top even while you scroll down.

You may revert to the default color/s anytime by emptying the respective color field.

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