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When a visitor first visits your website, she would see all the listings which are not refined by any criteria. Total 20 listings are shown by default on each page but the viewer may select a different value such 40, 60, 80 or 100 results per page. The number of results per page would be updated as soon as the visitor selects that value.

A visitor may refine the search by choosing different values in the search form and/or specifying a search keyword and/or a city name. The viewer would have two choices, either to click on Search button and see the results in text format or click Show on map button and view the listings on Google map which can be toggled to full screen.

Each listing displayed on a page have small but prominent information about that listing so the visitor can get a preliminary insight about those listings. Apart from small description each listing also has the first image related to that listing. If a visitor chooses to know more about any listing, she may do so by clicking on 'More Information' button. Clicking on that button shows the full information about that listing. This includes all the related pictures and location on Google map. As soon as a visitor views a listing, that listing is automatically marked as viewed so it would be easier for the viewer to know what other listings are yet to be seen. Apart form this, a visitor can like a listing by clicking on the like button which is shown on the listing page. The visitor would still see those labels even if she chooses to come back to the website after few days. The visitor may also choose to contact the poster through the contact form.

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