PayPal options

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You can charge members for posting featured listings. Though any listing can be made as 'featured' by admin. A member can change status of any normal listing to the featured by paying a fees defined by the site admin.

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is PayPal's message service that sends a notification when a transaction is affected. In order to accept payments for featured listings, please log in to your PayPal and activate IPN and use the IPN url as mentioned on 'Admin Options' page.

1) PayPal currency: Choose the default currency for PayPal to process payments.

2) PayPal email: Specify your PayPal email on which you want to receive the payments.

3) Featured listing duration: Set the duration (in days) for a featured listing to remain as featured. After this duration it would automatically change back to normal.

4) Featured listing price: Set the price for the featured listing. This is the price that you want to charge members for posting a featured listing.

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