General options

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All the settings mentioned under this section are recommended and are important for fine working of your website.

1) Website heading: This must have already been set by you at the time of installation. But you can change it anytime.

2) Select Logo (optional): You can upload your logo and this will replace the website heading text. The recommended height for your logo is 50px. You can change your logo by uploading the new one anytime.

3) Website footer: This is the text in footer of your website. You can include html or javascript such as Google analytics code in this section.

4) Default country: Set it to the country where you're promoting this website.

5) Default currency: By default it is set to the dollar sign($) but you may set it to any other currency.

6) Default language: Choose the default language and the site would automatically switch to your preferred language.

7) Auto delete listings which are not marked as permanent after: You can set this option so that the listings which are not marked as permanent by you would be automatically deleted from you website after defined number of days. The default is 0 which means that listings would never be deleted automatically.

8) Enable Registration Captcha?: Select this option, if you wish to enable captcha image in the registration form.

9) Enable RTL mode (for languages such as arabic, hebrew)?: Select this option to enable right to left mode for the languages that use rtl layout.

10) Enable Google Login?: Select this option to enable Google login button on the login form.

11) Enable Yahoo Login?: Select this option to enable Yahoo login button on the login form.

12) Show currency symbol before price?: Select this option if you want to show currency symbol before the price, for ex: $100. If it is unselected then currency symbol would be shown after the price. For ex: 100 $.

13) Enable GeoIP: Version 1.3 and above supports thousands of markers without any performance issue. A single markers is composed up of merely 32 bytes so loading 10,000 markers would mean loading only 320 kb of marker data and 50,000 markers would be merely 1.6 mb of data.

If you enable GeoIP, all the markers would be loaded but map would be zoomed to viewer's location (based on the IP address) even if there's no marker to show.

If you do not enable GeoIP feature, the script would still load all markers and map bounds would automatically be adjusted to fit those markers. So if there are listings only in a single city then map would zoom to that city only, irrespective to viewer's location. If there are listing in entire country, the map would adjust its bounds to cover all the marker i.e. show the country irrespective to viewer's actual location.

14) reCaptcha Private Key (recommended): You can get the reCaptcha keys here. If these keys are specified then a reCaptcha would be shown when some tries to contact the listing poster through the contact form.

15) reCaptcha Public Key (recommended): You'll get two types of keys from reCaptcha website. Paste the public key here.

16) Enable friendly URLs?: You can enable friendly URLs which are good for SEO too. It won't work if mod_rewrite is not enabled in your web server (hosting). Usually it is enabled so enable and click on any listing to see if it works, otherwise you can ask your hosting provider to enable mod rewrite module or you can disable friendly url option.

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