I get an error while I try to install this system.

Once the script detects that all those files/folders are writable, it would prompt you for your MySQL host, database name, username and password. Specify those values and click on Install button.

Please note:- While creating a new database on your hosting account, please make sure that you give full privileges to it. In case of cpanel, you can specify that on 2nd step i.e after you specify database name, select 'All' option on the privileges page.

Images in listings and my profile are not showing up.

Make sure that following file/folders are fully writable: uploads, cache and index.html inside cache folder. The images won't show up if they are not fully writable.

uploads folder is fully writable (linux command: chmod 777 uploads)

cache folder is writable  (linux command: chmod 777 cache)

cache/index.html file is writable     (linux command: chmod 777 cache/index.html)

If you use FileZilla client for FTP transfer then you can give 777 permission by right clicking on file/folder name and type 777 in 'Numeric value' box. While giving permissions to 'uploads' and 'cache' folder also select 'recurse into subdirectories' option.

Email system isn't working i.e when someone tries to contact me through the contact page or through the listing contact form.

Make sure that you've specified correct values under 'Email' section of 'Admin options' page. It is recommended that you use gmail or google apps email and password and leave the authentication type to gmail.

I get a SMTP error when I try to use gmail as authentication type and my gmail/google apps email and password in admin options.

Please make sure that ssl module (for ex openssl) is enabled on your web server. If you don’t have access to your server configuration then ask your hosting provider to do it for you. This is required because Google smtp server only accepts secure/ssl connections.

Map isn't showing correct location.

allow_url_fopen or cURL module should be enabled in your PHP in order for Google geocoding to work. The geocoding won't work if at least one of them is not enabled. Please contact your hosting provider and ask them to enable either one of those. If you've access to php.ini the edit it and add this line in the end

allow_url_fopen = on

or enable the cURL module.

How to change website colors or theme of the search form?

You can login as admin and select colors or theme on 'Admin options' page.

I've a problem which I am unable to resolve.

Feel free to contact me through the comments page or email at ravi@codiator.com

I keep updating FAQ so you can view  up to date FAQs here: http://codecanyon.net/item/real-estate-made-simple-/faq/1520788

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