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List View Settings

These settings would affect the list view on your website.

Here you can specify the live website visitor list settings, such as list font, color and number of visitors you want to show in the list.

Live Visitor List Code

If you've not already pasted the 'Map View' code inside <head> </head> section of your website pages then paste the code given here inside <head> </head> section of your website pages that you want to track or show live visitor list. There's no need to paste the below mentioned code (step 1 code) in case you've already added the 'Map View' code.

In step 2 you can define the list width and height. It is advisable that you select the option of scrollbar, if you've specified a custom height. For ex, if you specified a height of 200px and the content doesn't fit then a vertical scrollbar would be shown automatically. Paste the code you get from step 2 at the place where you want to show the live visitor list.

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