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1. Download the zip archive of  'Live Website Visitors' on your computer.

2. Unpack the zip archive.

3. Upload the entire folder to your hosting space.

4. Point your browser to the install folder, for ex if you uploaded the entire folder to then point your browser to

5. The script would automatically check for file permissions.

Make sure that following file is writable: file is writable  (linux command: chmod 777

If you use FileZilla client for FTP transfer then you can give 777 permission by right clicking on file/folder name and type 777 in 'Numeric value' box.

6. Once the script detects that the file is writable, it would prompt you for your MySQL host, database name, username and password. Specify those values and click on Install button. usually the host is 'localhost' but check with your hosting to find the correct value, if you're unsure. Simply create an empty database through phpmyadmin and enter the name on this page.

Please note:- While creating a new database on your hosting account, please make sure that you give full privileges to it. In case of cpanel, you can specify that on 2nd step i.e after you specify database name, select 'All' option on the privileges page.

7. Specify the website name, admin username and password in next step. Save your admin username and password in a safe place for future reference.

8. Click on 'Finalize installation'. You may contact me, if you face any issue or problem while installing this software.

Important: Please change back the permission of (linux command: chmod 755 ). Make sure that is not world writable as otherwise it would be a serious security threat.

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