I still see some old visitors

Sometimes the visitor keeps the browser window open while browsing other websites. In some other cases, there were no new visitors so you still see the old ones.

I don't see a map or list

Please make sure that your hosting meet the minimum requirements mentioned under 'minimum requirements'  page.

I've installed the script but don't see a popup when I click on a marker.

The default setting is not to show a popup so login as admin and go to 'Map Settings' and enable popup.

How to change the zoom level of map?

Zoom level of the map can be changed through 'map settings'

I want to explicitly define the list width.

You can do so by going to 'List Settings' in your admin back office. The default option is 100% width so it would fit in the container you place it in.

Where can I get more help?

Feel free to contact me at ravi@finethemes.com

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