Oodle Plugin for Classified made easy

Add classified listings to your website! Powering classifieds for over 200 local and national sites, Oodle is the fastest growing classifieds network. Now you can add Oodle's classified listing to your website and earn money while users browse classified ads from across the internet.  The Oodle plugin for 'Classified made easy' is a script that gives you access to the same listings and search engine that Oodle uses to power Walmart, MySpace, and Oodle listings would also be visible on the map. You can use this plugin and still allow your members to post listings directly on your website.

Currently Oodle supports only USA

As per Oodle API restrictions at the most 50 listings can be fetched for a particular region or search criteria. For ex, if some in USA searches for category 'Buy-Sell' and sub category 'Books' then maximum of 50 listings can be fetched for that criteria.

The listings posted through your 'classified made easy' website would be visible globally no matter from where the viewer is browsing your website.

Classified made easy is an easy to use system which can be used as classified or any kind of listing website. This is responsive and comes with 10+ website themes to choose from. You can easily add, edit or delete categories. For ex, if you just want to use it as a job listing website then you may create just one category and related subcategories. It is multilingual and you can add/edit any translation easily. You may also charge visitors for posting featured ads. Search results are displayed as per visitors choice in text or visual format i.e on Google map. The search results give primary insight into the type of listing by displaying small but prominent information about each listing so people can get an idea rite away. This type of information is displayed on Google map as well, if the visitor chooses to show results on map. Google map can be toggled to full screen for easy viewing.

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