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Please make sure that you've at least version 1.2.1 of classified made easy script. If not then first

follow steps mentioned here before installing this plugin.

1. Download the zip archive of  Oodle plugin on your computer.

2.  Unpack the zip archive to a folder oodle. The folder named oodle should have all the files in it i.e. default.php, options.php and the Help folder which is optional.

    Please make sure that oodle folder is not already inside an oodle folder as sometimes while extraction, it creates a folder inside a folder with same name.

3. Upload the folder named oodle to the plugins folder of your 'Classified made easy' website.

4. Log-in as admin to your 'Classified made easy' website and you'll see a new menu item named 'Oodle'.

Click on it and check 'Enable Oodle Plugin:' option

5. Get you Oodle API key from here and specify it in 'Oodle API Key' option.

6. The plugin fetches listings from Oodle based on your geographical location.

Currently Oodle supports USA region

So if you are in United States then you and your website visitors would see listings from that region only. Similarly if someone is browsing your website from UK then only the listings from UK would be visible.

But the listings posted through your 'classified made easy' website would be visible globally.

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