Classified made easy is an easy to use system which can be used as classified or any kind of listing website. This is responsive and comes with 10+ website themes to choose from. You can easily add, edit or delete categories. For ex, if you just want to use it as a job listing website then you may create just one category and related subcategories. It is multilingual and you can add/edit any translation easily. You may also charge visitors for posting featured ads. Search results are displayed as per visitors choice in text or visual format i.e on Google map. The search results give primary insight into the type of listing by displaying small but prominent information about each listing so people can get an idea rite away. This type of information is displayed on Google map as well, if the visitor chooses to show results on map. Google map can be toggled to full screen for easy viewing. The script can load thousands of markers without any performance issue and you can use the API options to connect to your external database. Custom plugins functionality allows you write custom plugins or code.

A single markers is composed up of merely 32 bytes so loading 10,000 markers would mean loading only 320 kb of marker data and 50,000 markers would be merely 1.6 mb of data.

If you enable GeoIP, all the markers would be loaded but map would be zoomed to viewer's location (based on the IP address) even if there's no marker to show.

If you do not enable GeoIP feature, the script would still load all markers and map bounds would automatically be adjusted to fit those markers. So if there are listings only in a single city then map would zoom to that city only, irrespective to viewer's location. If there are listing in entire country, the map would adjust its bounds to cover all the marker i.e. show the country irrespective to viewer's actual location.

Site admin can easily change the website look and feel through admin options page. This would give a unique look to your website. The system has support for all major languages. This software is SEO ready and site admin can easily define title, description and keywords. The site admin would also have an option to set the listing as a top or featured listing. Top listings would be shown above any other listings on the site. Featured listings would be shown just below the top listings and have a different color row and also marked as featured.

Visitors can like listings by clicking on like button. This way they can easily refer to such listings in future. Moreover any listing which has already been viewed by the visitor would be marked as 'viewed' so it would help them to know what listings have been viewed and what are yet to be seen. Visitors can also contact the listing poster by filling out the contact form which is equipped with reCaptcha.

Visitors can also register and become members if they wish to add listings. Member have there own profile with an optional picture. Forgot password option is also available in case a member forgot the login information. Site admin can ban or delete any member.

Adding/Editing/Deleting listing has also been made an easier process. Visitors can easily register and become members and then add listings. The site admin can define number of days after which the listings would automatically deleted or set a listing as permanent which will never be deleted automatically.

You can charge members for posting featured listings.

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