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You can add/edit/delete categories and sub categories on this page. If a category you're adding should have price field then select "Show price field" option and  a pricing option would be shown in the add/edit listing form as well as the search form when that category is selected. Always add a category or a sub category name in English and then specify its translation in the site's default language, if not English.

For ex, If you added a new category or sub category then you'll have to add the tag and its translation on this page otherwise the category won't appear in the search form or add listing form.

For ex, if you are added a new category or sub category "my category" and your default site language is French then also specify its translation like this:

Category Name in English:  my category

Category Name in French: ma catégorie

If you added category and subcategories when you site's default language was English and later on switched to different language then make sure that you add translation for those English category/subcategory names on language tags page.

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