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Here you can change the colors and theme of changelog website. It is also very useful if you want to embed it on a existing website and want to match the appearance.

Outer background color: Changes background color.

Site header color: Change the header color of the website.

Inner background color: Changes inner background color, default is white.

Home page box color: Changes color of software description box.

Default font color: Changes the default font color of entire website.

Default link color: Changes the default color of links.

Default font style: Shows the list of fonts from which you can choose the default font for the website.

View Changelog background color: Background color for 'View Changelog' button.

Select logo:  You can select a logo that you would be shown in the top right corner of the website. Please make sure that it is not too big otherwise it could break the formatting.

Choose 'version list' theme: It shows a list of themes that you can select to update the default theme of changelog page.

Heading color: Changes the heading color of changelog page.

Heading font color: Changes font color of changelog heading.

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