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General Settings

Website Title: Specify the title that would be shown on the browser titlebar. This is useful in SEO as search engines shows title text in search results.

Meta description: Specify description about your website. This would also be shown in search engine search results.

Meta keywords: Add keywords related to your website content.

Footer (html allowed): This is the footer text of your website. You can add html, if you like.

Enable friendly URLs?: Select this option, if you want to enable friendly URLs. In order for friendly URLs to work, rewrite module should be enabled which is enabled by default on most hosting accounts.

Get Embed Code

Here you can get embed code for any software that you added or even the home page.

Select page to be embedded: A list of pages would be shown. Select the page that you want to embed on your other website.

iFrame Height: Specify the height of iFrame i.e. height of the box which you want to embed on your other website.

Hide  Description: You may choose to hide software description. For ex on your existing website, you may already have software/script description and you just want to show the changelog for that so you can hide the default description by selecting this checkbox.

Show tags at the bottom: Selecting this option would show tags at the bottom of changelogs instead of at the side. For ex, If you don't have enough width on your other website then you may select this option.

Paste the code at the place where you want to show the changelog.

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