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On this page you may changelog for the software you added previously. If you've not added a software, then first add it by going to Software->Add Software

This page shows you a list of previously added software/scripts. You may do the following tasks through this page:

1) Edit software information by clicking on 'Edit software' icon.

2) Add changelog by clicking on 'Add changelog' icon

3) Delete software information by clicking on 'Delete software' icon.

Add Changelog

Clicking on 'Add changelog' icon takes you to a new page which show existing changelog, if any, for that software. Below that there's a form through which you can add a new changelog.

Add new changelog form

Version: Specify the version of your software update. For ex, Version 1.1

Version Date: Choose version release date here.

Changes: Specify the changes pertaining to that particular update. You may also add update instructions related to that version.

Related Tags: Add tags that are related to this version. This would help viewers identify the changes by merely looking at the tags and when clicked on would show more information about that version.

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